On this page you can find links to slides, blogposts, code-examples etc. from articles and talks I’ve done recently.

Angular + CMS = Single Page Application

Internet Week Denmark, May 2016 Video here

Say Hi to mr. Observable (RxJS intro)

ngAarhus, April 2016 Video here

Article: So whats up with Angular these days…

24 days in Umbraco, 16. Dec 2015 Link:

Angular 2.0

ngAarhus, June 2015 Video here, Demo-app here

Introduction to Webcomponents and Polymer

AarhusJS, Feb 2015 Example (live) Code:

Article: Angular-powered Frontend (singlepage app)

24 days in Umbraco, 12. Dec 2014 Link:

Article: Debugging AngularJS

24 days in Umbraco, 2. Dec 2014 Link:

Talk: Using AngularJS in the frontend

Umbraco Festival DK, Sep 2014 Example:

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