Introduction to Angular 2.0

Last night was an important one for me. Not only did we have an election in Denmark, but we also had our first meetup at ngAarhus - a local Angular Usergroup that I started just months ago. I was hoping for 20 people to show up, but more than 50 people showed up. I am so exited!

The first talk of the night was myself giving an introduction to Angular 2 (or just Angular). You can find the talk on youtube right here. As always you can find sample code-repo and other links from all talks and writings on the links page. All the talks and materials from ngAarhus are in Danish.

Other than myself there were two brilliant talks by Stefan Schonert (@schonert) and Per Ploug (@pploug).

If you are an Angular developer and you’re ever in Aarhus, make sure to join our group. Its a public facebook group where everyone can post, and there is a twitter profile to follow for info.

Written on June 19, 2015